Falls in nursing homes can lead to broken hips

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Nursing home abuse

Nursing home residents often require assistance with getting around, and many are at an increased risk of falling, which is something that must be considered when their care plan is being established. Proper precautions are imperative for these residents. 

An elderly person who falls is at risk of serious injuries, including a broken hip. Each year, more than 300,000 individuals suffer a broken hip. Around 70% of these patients are women, and the vast majority of them are over 65 years old. Four out of five people will survive a broken hip, but it comes with the possibility of catastrophic complications.

Why is a hip fracture so dangerous for elderly individuals?

Hip fractures can cause considerable trouble for an elderly person. It can cause major pain and could lead to mobility problems. The complications that come with a broken hip in an elderly patient can include pressure sores and blood clots as they heal, because of their decreased mobility. It’s also possible that the lack of mobility can lead to muscle atrophy or pneumonia. 

Unfortunately, most people who have this type of injury will need to have surgery. When that’s not possible, they will be placed in traction while the hip heals. Overall, the prognosis is good for the individuals who do survive — so long as they get the proper care.

Any nursing home resident who falls in a nursing home and suffers a broken hip should ensure they get swift medical treatment. This can be intensive and costly. If your loved one suffered a broken hip due to a nursing home’s negligent care, find out more about your legal options to hold them accountable.