Dirty vaccine needles can cause infections

by | Sep 24, 2020 | Medical malpractice

When the disposable syringes came on the market, people thought that that was the end of the risk from dirty needles in a hospital setting. If doctors who were administering drugs and vaccines didn’t need to use the same needles repeatedly, there couldn’t be any mistakes about which ones were clean and which were not. This could stave off infection and the development of so-called superbugs. 

Unfortunately, that’s not what’s happened. There are still risks from dirty needles in hospitals. They can lead to infections, the spread of disease and even death. Something as simple as going in for a vaccine booster could put you at risk. 

If you have never really considered this risk before, you’re not alone. Most people assume that there’s no risk at a modern medical institution in the United States. As one medical expert put it, they assume that it only happens in developing countries with lower standards for medical care. However, that expert also added that: “Unfortunately, it happens on a regular basis, and it affects a lot of people, families, communities.”

Even if you get treated with a disposable syringe, do you know that the doctor who is administering it followed all health and safety protocols? What about the factory where the syringe was made? What about the nurse who delivered it to the doctor in the first place? There are just a lot of variables here, and it’s important to really understand the risks. 

If you do find yourself suffering from a serious infection or another related injury or condition following treatment, make sure you are well aware of your legal rights