The stress of suffering from nursing home abuse

by | Jul 23, 2020 | Nursing home abuse

If your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, it can lead to a lot of related factors. Perhaps foremost among these is stress. The person has to live in an environment where they feel unsafe and insecure. Even if actual abuse only happened one time, they may live in fear of a recurrence every single day. This essentially means that the abuse is impacting their health each day, as well, even when it does not happen that frequently.

As the World Health Organization notes, elderly population totals are massively increasing and nursing home abuse is common. It is only going to get more common as the population climbs. This just means that more and more people will be living with both the direct abuse and the mental and emotional issues that it can cause.

We know well that stress is something people should take seriously. It impacts everyone differently, but it may lead to higher blood pressure or higher odds of a heart attack. It may cause someone to slip into depression or live with anxiety every day. This, in turn, could impact their eating, drinking and sleeping habits. They may not get the nutrition they need and could begin to see a quick physical decline.

The elderly are already a vulnerable group. When they are subjected to abuse by their very caregivers, it just exposes this state even more. In the end, the abuse could prove fatal.

Have you lost a loved one to abuse or do you suspect they’re living with serious trauma in their lives? If so, you need to know how to protect them and what legal steps you and your family can take.