Can a doctor be held responsible for a patient’s death?

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Medical malpractice

The loss of a loved one is one of is painful and heartbreaking, no matter the cause. When someone passes away unexpectedly or due to the actions of another person, it can be especially difficult for family members to cope.

People turn to doctors and medical staff for help and guidance in their time of need. Most of the time, health care workers do their best to properly diagnose and care for patients, but on occasion, medical personnel do not provide the level of quality care patients deserve.

When are a physician’s actions wrongful or negligent?

Doctors and medical professionals have a duty to their patients. They must provide adequate care under the law. A health care professional’s negligence can severely harm patients, possibly resulting in death.

If a physician does any of the following, they may be liable for improper care:

  • Fail to diagnose a patient
  • Misdiagnose a patient
  • Misread or misinterpret medical test results
  • Fail to give a patient the proper testing
  • Make surgical errors
  • Prescribe the wrong medication
  • Do not provide follow-up care when necessary
  • Prematurely discharge a patient

If any of these actions result in a patient’s death, it may be beneficial for family members to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the doctor. If the patient is fortunate enough to survive, they can hold the negligent physician accountable with a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Perusing a lawsuit after being blindsided by such a tragic event can be very difficult. Support groups, friends, family members and therapists can help you cope while an attorney can handle the rest.