Things to look for in searching for the right nursing home for your loved one

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Nursing home abuse

No one likes the idea of having to place someone you love in the care of someone else. As loved ones grow older, however, it’s a reality many of us may face. Here are a few things to consider when searching for just the right nursing home for that someone you love:

Visit during meal times

Try to visit a nursing home while a meal–lunch or dinner is good–is being served. See what types and varieties of food are on the menu. Do most residents eat in their rooms or congregate in the dining hall? If your loved one has certain dietary needs, talk with the nursing home’s nutritionist to see how those accommodations could be met.

Take a look at the grounds surrounding the building

Are their flower beds around the facilities? Courtyards? Spots where your loved one could take a walk by a creek, or sit on a bench in a shaded area? Can you picture your mom or dad really being able to enjoy themselves outside here? Think about these things. 

What kind of daily activities are available?

Try to get a good idea of what the typical day-to-day routine looks like at the facility. Are there exercise classes offered? Do school children make regular visits to the home? Is there a salon on-site? Talk with as many people as you can at the facility to get a feel of what it’s really like.  

Listen to how staff interact with each other and their patients

This one is a big one. Listen to how all of the staff–nurses, doctors, technicians, everyone–talk to each other. Is there care, respect and compassion with how the staff treats their patients and their patients’ families? These staff members are the people who will be caring for your loved one. How they treat those they interact with on a daily basis is a good indication of how they will treat your loved one. 

If a loved one of yours has experienced any kind of nursing home abuse or neglect, we are always here to offer legal counsel.